Bank of America Debit Cards

When you are the proud owner of a Bank of America debit card, you will have access to various benefits. This debit card is accepted worldwide. It may be safe to say that any shop, boutique, restaurant or any establishments allowing payment by plastic, will allow Bank of America debit cards. Hence, if you want to fill your vehicle with gas, or indulge in a shopping spree, or dine out, there is no need to risk carrying cash for you have all the money you need loaded in your debit card. You can even manage your expenses online with the help of the facility provided by Bank of America to its debit cardholders. Bank of America has a very good online system for tracking your spending.

Who is eligible to own one?
All customers who already have a personal checking account with Bank of America can obtain the debit card. It is a safe and easy way of making payments for your purchases. It is similar to making payment by checks, which are directly debited to you checking account. In the same way, the payments made with a debit card are automatically debited to your checking account. The updated status of your account is at your fingertips online. The use of debit cards may save you from paying interest charges too. With the availability of online banking you can view your account anytime you want.

Also, Bank of America offers the facility of sending you alerts regarding any significant activity with your debit card. In addition, if you have lost the number or the debit card itself, Bank Of America will reimburse you for any fraudulent transactions that have taken place. You can file claim for reimbursement against settled transactions, which have been posted, to your account, and that also within the specified limits and subsequent verification. For any such claim against you debit card, you need to file before sixty days have lapsed from the date of the issued statement of accounts.

Use and save money
The use of this debit card will allow you to save money with the Keep the Change program offered by Bank of America. And the bank is ready to match your savings up to $250. Any purchase made with an ATM or rewards card will not be entitled for matching. Bank of America will match your Keep the change transactions for a period of three months from the date of your enrolment with a maximum limit of $250. And these amounts will be paid after the first anniversary of the card and on accounts, which will be still open and valid. Another condition for matching funds is the limit of maximum five accounts per household or depositor.

Cash back return for online purchases
Another program called the Add it up program enables you to be eligible for 20% cash back on all online purchases and Bank of America does not place any limit on the amount of cash back you receive. This means that the cash back from your online purchases will be directly deposited into your account. The retailers who participate in this program may change or alter the offers. To be eligible, the debit cardholder needs to enrol for online banking facilities. The cash bank transfers occur monthly when the amount has reached $5 earnings. There may be some areas where this program may not be available as also cobranded debit cards. For complete details regarding eligibility a visit to the bank’s site will help.

Full protection against misuse
Your debit card is fully protected by the bank’s total security package that is automatic and free of any charge. The features of this program provide great security to you in case of unauthorised use, loss, or theft of your debit card. There is zero liability if the debit card has been stolen or lost. The bank will reimburse you the entire amount of any unauthorized transactions. And the amount will be credited to your account by the end of business hours the next day. The bank has a monitoring system for fraud and this will locate where and how the card has been misused. This system has the capability of blocking potential misuse when it reviews unusual patterns of use. There is the conventional photo affixed to your card as well which is also a security check in place to deter inappropriate usage.