Home Depot Credit Card

The Home Depot credit card is extremely popular as there are a number of different cards to choose from. There is the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, the Home Depot Rewards MasterCard, the Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Card, the Home Depot Commercial Account and the Home Depot Business Rewards MasterCard. Before choosing the best Home Depot credit card for your needs make sure to compare the different cards, their rates and benefits. If you’re interested in rewards cards, then make certain that you pay attention to the different programs, the terms for accessing the rewards and how your rewards accumulate. The credit cards are divided into two categories: consumer and commercial. There is only one consumer Home Depot credit card.

The consumer Home Depot credit card differs from the commercial credit cards as the consumer card is set up specifically for homeowners who need to make repairs to their homes. The commercial credit cards are for business owners who have business needs. One of the reasons why the Home Depot credit card has become extremely popular with consumers is that there are many perks, deals and benefits. Always read the fine print as offers associated with any of the Home Depot credit cards are subject to change. When choosing any credit card, make certain to determine the interest rates according to each card.

The most popular offer associated with the Home Depot credit card is for those who pay more than $299.00 or more. Those who pay their balance in full within six months without making a late payment can get no interest, with approval and special requirements. Always read through the terms of services to ensure that you fully understand what is required to participate in the deal. Keep in mind that deals are subject to change so double check and never take someone’s word for a deal or offer associated with a credit card.

In addition to the free interest offer, some of the Home Depot credit cards also offer chances throughout the year to earn free money and rewards that you can use at your local Home Depot. Another advantage to the Home Depot credit card is that it doesn’t contain an annual fee. Some find the advantages to the Home Depot rewards cards so great that they wait until their local Home Depot is offering the special deferred rewards program and sign up for their credit card then.

It is a good idea for those who are interested in obtaining a new credit card to review the changes put in place by the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act (The Credit CARD Act) of 2010 as these will help you become fully aware of what credit card companies can and cannot do. The Credit CARD Act put changes in place that directly affect each of the Home Depot credit cards. The main changes in place through the Credit CARD Act includes how credit card companies handle various promotions, payment allocation and design of statements, ensuring consumers can easily read the terms and services.

Due to the changes with the Credit CARD Act, all Home Depot credit cards must receive minimum monthly payments on all no interest promotional offers. Those who obtained a Home Depot credit card before the Credit CARD Act went into effect (before February 22 , 2010) are not under the new guidelines, however, those who obtain a new Home Depot credit card should make certain they understand the terms and requirements associated with all promotional offers.

For some new card holders, it may seem a bit confusing regarding the promotional offers with minimum payments. Those who have any questions or concerns regarding the Home Depot credit card may contact Home Depot’s customer service line to have their questions addressed.