Juniper Credit Card

Today’s society requires people to carry credit cards in order to use certain types of services and products. For example, many hotels require a credit card to rent a room in order to secure the room. Credit cards are used for security deposits in case the renter damages the room, furniture and other items. The same goes for renting a car. Even though car rental agencies have insurance and provide additional insurance coverage for customers, the rental agency will require a security deposit with a credit card. These are just a few reasons why having a credit card is extremely important.

There are many different types of credit cards provided by financial institutions. Juniper credit cards were available to customers until 2004. Many credit card companies will partner up with other credit card companies. Juniper credit cards are now a part of a financial corporation called BarclayCard US. The Barclays organization has been providing financial solutions for 300 years. They currently took over the Juniper credit card and offer credit cards that provide the same services as the Juniper credit card. Barclays bank is based out of Delaware State, and offers a wide variety of different credit cards.

Barclays bank offers credit cards with both the Visa and MasterCard logo. Credit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo are basically accepted anywhere in the world that Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Each credit card provides different rewards and incentives to customers. For example, Juniper credit cards like the Barclays carnival world MasterCard offers no annual fees, a low introductory rate on balance transfers, and points on all purchases that are spent on Carnival cruises. Customers are expected to have at least a good credit rating. Most credit cards require the customer to have an excellent credit rating.

The Barclaycard financing Visa card offers me no annual fees, introductory rate of 0% on balance transfers, and a variable interest rate. Customers are required to have a credit rating above average to be approved for this type of credit card. These credit cards were offered by Juniper bank until Juniper credit cards were partnered with the Barclays bank. The US Airways dividend miles premier world MasterCard provides rewards and points that can be used for traveling. Customers will pay an $89 annual fee. Customers must have a good credit rating in order to be qualified for this type of credit card.

The IBC Platinum Visa credit card is another Barclays bank credit card that was once offered in the form of a Juniper credit card. There is no annual fee on this credit card and customers must have a good credit rating in order to be approved. This credit card has a variable interest rate that starts out at 7.24%, depending on the applicant’s credit rating. Another credit card offered by Barclays bank that focuses on travel rewards is the AirTran Airways A+ Visa signature credit card. Customers must have a fair credit rating to be approved for this credit card and there is an annual fee of $49.

Juniper credit cards went extinct in 2004 when the Barclays bank took over the Juniper credit card line. However, there are still plenty of advantages that Barclays bank provides that are similar to Juniper credit cards. Credit cards are an absolute necessity for emergencies and security deposits. There are many different reward programs that will fit the different shopping habits of customers. Applying for these credit cards only takes a few minutes online. Customers are advised to research what Barclays bank credit cards have to offer in order to identify which credit card will be provide the most rewards for their spending habits.