MBNA Credit Cards

MBNA, who are now part of Bank or America, are the world’s largest credit card issuer. They offer an extremely wide range of credit cards for both personal and business use, and these are typically at extremely competitive interest rates, terms and conditions. Their credit cards include:

  • MBNA Platinum Visa credit card – This credit card offers an 18 month 0% introductory rate for balance transfers, and 0% for 3 months on purchases. The platinum visa card generally has a variable 16.7% interest rate of card purchases thereafter.
  • MBNA rate for life credit card – This offer is exclusive to the MBNA website and offers an interest rate of 5.9% for the life of any balances transferred. There is a standard 16.9% variable interest rate for purchases. They offer a reduced handling fee of 1.5% for any transfers made within the first 60 days, although this increases thereafter to 3%.
  • Play.com credit card – This MBNA credit card offers 0% for 6 months on balance transfers and 0% for 9 months on purchases. This will eventually convert to 16.9% variable. This credit card offers PlayPoints to participating customers for money spent on their card within the first 90 days of opening the account.
  • MBNA visa credit card with cash back – This credit card has an interest rate of 18.9% for balance transfers and 21.9% for purchases. The main benefit of this credit card is that the customer is able to earn cash back on their petrol and supermarket transactions. It is also important note that the cash back credit card has no annual fee.
  • MBNA platinum rewards visa credit card – Offers 0% for 13 months for balance transfers and 0% for 3 months on purchases. Thereafter, this will convert to 16.9% variable. This credit card also offers a reward scheme which will provide the benefits of shopping vouchers, cash and more.

An additional new service is now available to MBNA business credit card holders – they are able to use the secure online card service. This service will allow a business card account holder to access their financial information online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will allow a business customer to view their recent transactions and payments, make payments, view their monthly statements, download certain transaction data, and even to view their PIN.

This service has been available to personal customers for many years, and they have the additional benefits of being able to transfer balances from other credit or store cards, transferring money from their credit card to their current account, request a credit limit increase, and also to activate a new card.

All MBNA credit cards will also come with certain protection and security features that a customer can choose to have. These include payment protection which covers for accident and sickness, unemployment and carer cover. There is also an additional hospitalization cover aimed at the over 65s, and this option will replace the standard accident, sickness and unemployment cover. If this cover is claimed a customer has the ability to have their minimum payment paid for up to 12 months.

There is also an identity protection cover which will provide up to £60,000 insurance which goes towards the process of clearing your name. There is also a credit report alert service, which will inform a customer if credit has been applied for in their name or if there has been a significant change to their credit report.

Identity protection will also provide up to £1500 for living expenses for victims of identity fraud, valuable document registration, lost or stolen passport and driving license cover, fraud resolution services, guidance on how to protect your personal details, and access to a members only website.

Bank of America has now also added their own versions of MBNA credit cards to their list of products and these include the:

  • BankAmericard cash rewards visa signature card – this allows you to earn 5% cash back on gas, grocery and drugstore purchases for the first 6 months.
  • BankAmericard visa card – this offers a 0% introductory rate for 9 months on balance transfers, and 10.99% thereafter.
  • Bank of America accelerated rewards American Express – this will allow a customer to earn 1.25 points on every purchase, and they can qualify for up to $75 in statement credits.