No Checking Account Payday Loans

No checking account payday loans are a variation of payday loans. The availability of no checking payday loans varies state by state in the United States, as do the rules governing permitted charges. No checking payday loans are also available for United Kingdom citizens and residents. The no checking account payday loan is aimed at borrowers who need rapid access to cash. Typically up to $1,500 can be given with the minimum amount of delay or red tape.  Payday loans lenders will not run credit checks on the applicant unlike traditional institutional lenders.

Why should you apply for a no checking account payday loan?
The principal reason that you may apply for a no a no checking account payday loan is because you have a bill or need to make a payment that cannot wait. Examples could be that you have an overdue utility bill that if not paid immediately will result in the service being cut off. Non-payment may incur reconnection charges and possible court action. Perhaps your car has unexpectedly broken down and you need to pay for the repairs in order to get it back, so you can get to work.

If a bill can wait until your next payday then it would be preferable to do this rather than apply for no checking account payday loans. They are not cheap loans, as they have an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that is higher than regular bank loans. If you really do need to obtain a no checking account payday loan do make sure that you have the means to repay the loan on your next payday to avoid excessive interest charges.

How to apply for a no checking account payday loan
The application form for a no checking account payday loan is slightly more detailed than a standard payday loan form. You will need to enter your personal details, including your age. This is important because these loans are only available to people aged over 18 years. Once you have entered your name and email address you will need to enter your social security number, your address, whether you are renting the property or a homeowner and how long you have been living at that address. Some no checking account payday loan lenders will want to know if you have a driving license and which state issued it. You may be asked for fixed line and mobile phone number and have the option to tell the lender when would be the best time of day for them to call you, if they need to get in touch.

Details about your employment will be requested and you will need to indicate if you work for the US military or not and whether you live with an employment income or if your income is from benefits. Then you need to indicate who employs you, how long you have worked for them and how much you earn on a monthly basis. Typically, having a monthly income below $1,000 will not entitle you to a no checking account payday loan. You then need to give details of your pay interval, weekly or monthly, and give dates of the next payday date and sometimes the one after. If your payday date falls on a weekend you need to indicate if you would be paid the day before or the day after.

Bank details are required. In addition to the name of your bank and the account number you hold, you will need to specify whether the account is a savings or a checking account. As the name suggests no checking account payday loans can pay into a savings account. You will also need to provide the ABA number of your bank, a telephone number for the bank and indicate how long you have held the account.

What happens next?
Having submitted your details the no checking account payday loan lender will quickly verify if your information provided allows you to qualify for a loan, if so, normally within the next business day you will receive the loan in your account. No checking payday loan lenders do not run credit checks and therefore are able to respond to your request quickly, they are not interested in particular with what you intend to use the no checking account payday loan for either. The most important point you need to keep in mind it to make sure you pay the loan back as soon as possible.