Pre-Settlement Loans

Settlements and lawsuits are a part of our every day society. People who are injured and cannot return to work for a certain amount of time will often start a lawsuit against someone who is liable for the injury. However, receiving a settlement can take some time, which time is something that not everyone has at their disposal. Someone who is in a financial bind will not receive a grace period or a deferment on their bills. Bills like home payments, utilities, car payments, insurance and other bills will continue to expect payments from their customers. Those who are disabled for a certain period of time will be in financial distress, even if they win their case.

Luckily, pre-settlement loans provide a solution for those who are waiting to receive their settlement. Even though pre-settlement loans are viewed as a type of loan, they actually work like a cash advance program. Pre-settlement loans are used to pay the funds that a plaintiff is expecting to receive. Settlement payments can take years before the plaintiff actually receives any form of payment. If the plaintiff is disabled or injured and cannot return to work, they will be left with growing expenses and financial distress.

On top of not being able to receive an income due to injury, the cost of pushing through a lawsuit is also a factor to consider. Starting a lawsuit requires a lawyer and other services that can be expensive. Not only is the plaintiff losing income, they are also expected to fund their lawsuit. Many lawyers will not require their client to pay upfront for the lawyer’s services. However, court fees and other costs may be a factor that the client will have to deal with. In order to afford a lawsuit to receive a settlement, the client must have the financial resources to move forward.

Pre-settlement loans are also used to fund a lawsuit as well. This is a huge advantage to those who are injured and are low on funds. In fact, many pre-settlement loan lenders do not require their clients to pay back the loan until the client receives their settlement. In other words, the client can use a pre-settlement loan, even if they have no money at all. However, pre-settlement loan lenders who provide this service will go over the client’s case in order to weigh the possibility of winning the settlement.

Much like an investor researching the risks of an investment, a pre-settlement loan lender will go over the client’s case before making a decision to work with the individual who is applying for financial assistance. In fact, all the risk weighs on the lender, rather than the client because the client is not required to pay any fees until they win their settlement. There are other advantages to pre-settlement loans that people should be aware of like no employment verification requirements, no credit history check, easy application process and absolutely no fees upfront. This gives the individual a better chance at winning their settlement.

Professionalism is a must when taking a lawsuit to court. The representation of the client who is pushing forward with a lawsuit is a major key factor the client’s success. Lawyers can be extremely expensive, but they also have programs that allow the individual to move forward without any upfront payments. Individuals who need financial assistance with their lawsuit and settlement actions should go online and research the options that they have. There are many companies online that provide pre-settlement loans that have been used by hundreds of thousands of individuals. In some cases, legal funds can be received within 24 hours.