Scholarships for High School Students

Academic scholarships tally into the billions. Some scholarships are given for meeting certain grade criteria, others are given for a students’ family history, and others are given for being excellent athletes. At the end of the day, there is a scholarship out there for you, one that you can win easily, and one that will help pay some of your college costs.

The most readily available scholarships for high school students can be found at the college admissions department, and within individual departments at a college. Any college likely has a grade-based scholarship award that grants students a reduced price for school should they meet certain criteria. For valedictorians, there are any number of schools that offer a full-ride opportunity. For those with a 3.5 GPA or better is usually a completely free tuition plan, or an annual scholarship award each time the student continues their high school success into their college experience.

Department scholarships are less likely to be published, but more likely to be won easily. Alumni and other groups fund scholarships, small and large, for high school students who want to study a specific program at a university. These scholarships may award thousands of dollars for a stellar student to study engineering, or biology, sociology, or any particular study that the student has interest in. Department specific scholarship information should be available on the University website, or in the bursar’s office, where scholarships are promoted as a way to pay your tuition bills.

Private Scholarships
Another great source for money is in private scholarships for high school students which award money to scholars based on their own criteria. In general, private scholarships seek out high-performing students who meet very specialized criteria. Sometimes, these criteria may be as simple as having a certain racial identity, being the first of their family to attend college, or being a male or female in a field that is dominated by the opposite sex. For women, engineering programs often offer lucrative scholarships to female high school students who want to become an engineer. On the other hand, men will find the number of male-only nursing scholarships to be astronomically high! The number of men going into nursing, and the number of women going into engineering are both quite low, and those who choose this path less traveled have an excellent opportunity to get ahead of the pack and bring home big scholarships to pay for college.

High schools often have their own fair share of college scholarships. Usually smaller, these scholarships are awarded by faculty selection. However, the benefit in being smaller is that each scholarship is paid out in cash, with the student deciding how he or she could best allocate the money. Typically, larger scholarships, or those that span many years, are paid out directly to the university and only for the amount of tuition, or tuition plus room and board. Do not pass up small cash scholarships; they usually have fewer entrants and a better success rate for applicants.

State Scholarships
In filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, students are also included into state scholarship pools where their information can be used to determine which state scholarships they can receive for use at an in-state university. You need not apply to many of these; instead you’ll be automatically compared to the guidelines of the state for automatic determination. This is why you should never, ever skip on the FASFA regardless of your desire to borrow money. You might just find that this free application is also an excellent source for free college money!