Scholarships for Kids with Deceased Parents

Affording college or a university is quite a challenge for most students. A higher education is required in order to compete in the work force. Most students will receive student loans and other financial assistance like scholarships. Students who have deceased parents will find it more difficult to obtain certain types of student loans. However, there are scholarships for kids with deceased parents. In fact, there are different types of scholarships that are designed for kids with deceased parents. For example, there are specific scholarships for kids with deceased parents that are designed for certain causes of death that the parents experienced.

There are scholarships for students whose parents have died from cancer, and scholarships for students whose parents died from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Students who have parents that are deceased are advised to search online for scholarships. Students will have a better chance achieving their educational goals when they obtain the right financial assistance. A popular scholarship for kids with deceased parents called the LIFE Lessons scholarship is available for 45 students who are the ages 17 to 24 years old. Students must be a legal citizen or resident of the United States in order to qualify for this scholarship.

Forgotten Dependents scholarships are scholarships designed for students who have recently lost their parents and their parent’s financial assistance. For example, if a student is receiving financial assistance from their parents in order to attend a college or a university, the student will qualify for the Forgotten Dependents scholarship if their parents pass away. Another type of scholarship that is designed for kids with deceased parents is the Kids’ Chance scholarship. This type of scholarship is designed for students who have lost their parents in the workplace. Moreover, Kids’ Chance scholarships will award students who have parents that experienced a work related injury.

The Mary Ellen Locher Foundation Breast Cancer Survivor Scholarship is a scholarship for students who have a parent that has passed away because of breast cancer. Students who have parents who recently passed away will have the difficulties of facing hard economic times when attending college or a university. The Families of Freedom Scholarship is a type of scholar ship specifically designed for students who have lost a parent because of the 9/11 attacks. This scholarship will also award students attending a trade school or other vocational training schools as long as they are located within the United States.

There are a number of other scholarships that are offered to students who’ve lost a parent because of the 9/11 attacks. The Citigroup Relief Fund, Governor College Scholarship, and Sallie Mae 911 Education Fund Scholarship program are just a few that are made to cover students whose parents have passed away because of 9/11. There are Federal scholarships for students who have parents who are deceased because of military service as well. In fact, students may be able to use their parent’s GI Bill for their financial needs for education.

Scholarships and grants for students with deceased parents are an absolute must. Many students will find it difficult to fund their higher education, especially if their parents have passed away. Students are advised to fill out the necessary forms online at the FAFSA website in order to see what is available. There are plenty of options with scholarships and grants that make it possible for students who are less fortunate to afford a college degree. Obtaining a college degree has consistently been rising in costs, and inflation, and very few jobs has made it difficult to afford a higher education. Scholarships for kids with deceased parents are only way form of financial assistance out of many.