Union Plus Credit Card

The world is moving away from paper money and over to plastic, which man financial strategist claim that plastic will be the future of all purchases. Money creation has been around for quite some time, and credit cards are a part of the money creation process. In fact, the economy heavily relies on people’s ability to qualify for loans and credit cards. It is a major factor that affects the health of the economy. There are many different types of credit cards that people have to choose from, especially online. Each credit card company will offer different attractive rates and discounts on their credit cards.

For example, the Union Plus credit card is a credit card that is offered by Union Plus that offers a wide variety of benefits to their customers. Union Plus credit card holders actually help support the unions, while receiving discounts on certain purchases. Purchases like tires that are made with a Union Plus credit card will save the customer 5%. Customers who use the Union Plus credit card for services provided by Goodyear will save 10% on all services. Another company that offers discounts to Union Plus credit card holders is AT&T.

Customers will save 15% on their AT&T wireless services when they use the Union Plus credit card. The Union Plus website also provides additional benefits to their customers who apply for the credit card. Services like coupons help the customer save even more on purchases is a typical service provided by Union Plus. Union Plus credit card holders will have complete online access to their credit report and credit rating as well. This is a huge benefit for those who want to maintain their credit rating, which is extremely important with today’s world of credit requirements. Customers will also have account management capabilities when they log on online.

Account management makes managing the Union Plus credit card extremely easy. For example, customers can pay their bills, view their activity and balance and other facts as well online. One fact that makes the Union Plus credit card unique is that it is the only credit card that is endorsed by AFL-CIO. The AFL-CIO is a major union that looks out for the interest of its members. There are currently over 2 million members with the AFL-CIO. There are other discounts that Union Plus credit card holders can take advantage of when making purchases.

For example, customers will save 5% when they use the Union Plus credit card to purchase clothes that are made from the union. Customers will also receive a 25% discount at ConsumerReports.org as well. Vehicles that are purchased with the Union Plus credit card will provide the customer with $100 cash back rebate. Customers who are Union Plus credit card holders and switch their wireless carrier to AT&T will also receive a $50 credit on top of the percentage they will be saving when using their Union Plus credit card. Members will also have access to checks that are provided by the Union Plus organization.

Union members across the nation take advantage of this type of credit card because of all the discounts and savings they receive. On top of this fact, purchases made through the credit card also help support union members as well. This type of credit card is a win-win situation for both the card hold and the unions. More information about the Union Plus credit card can be found on their website. Those who are interested in finding out more information about the benefits that the Union Plus credit card provides should read over all the information about the card provided on the website.