American Express Credit Cards

One of the largest and most respected credit card companies is American Express. They offer products for both individuals and business owners. There are numerous American Express credit cards for all kinds of different financial needs so you’re sure to find the right card for you. In addition, many of these cards come with various benefits and incentives that can make card ownership even more appealing. You can learn all about the different credit options offered by American Express on their website. And, you can even apply online which is much faster than the traditional method of mailing your application.

First, let’s look at the personal credit cards available. The most popular of the American Express credit cards that you are sure to recognize is the traditional green American Express card. This card offers no annual fee for the first year, and after that the annual fee is only $95. Unlike other cards, there is no preset spending limit, and because you pay your balance in full each month there are no interest charges. This card also offers a points rewards program. Points can be redeemed for flyer miles or for purchases and items from many different stores.

Another personal card is the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card. This card has many of the same features as the Green Card, except it offers an even more appealing points program. You get 10,000 bonus points when you make your first purchase with this card. It offers three times the points on airfare, two times the points on groceries and gasoline, and regular points on every other purchase. These points can be redeemed for purchases or travel. There is no annual fee for your first year, after that the annual fee is approximately $175. Or, check out the Platinum Card. Along with the same advantages like no preset spending limits, this card offers luxurious reward benefits for purchases, travel costs, and the finest hotels and resorts.

There are also a variety of American Express credit cards for businesses. The most basic is the Green Card for business. This card has a membership rewards program that does not limit how many points you can earn. If you pay in full, you pay no interest and gain more opportunities for purchasing power. There are employee cards available, for which you can set specific limits. You even earn points for these employee cards. Both business and personal cards have protection against loss and theft. There is also a business gold card, which offers some very appealing incentives for members that can help you actually pay for your business expenses.

For example, you get a point for every dollar spent, two times the points when you book travel with American Express, and as much as ten times the rewards if you go to The points are unlimited and do not have an expiration date. You can get employee cards just as you can with the business Green Card. There are so many things you can do for your business using your rewards. For example, you can pay for flights, accommodations and car rentals. Or, you can purchase office supplies and business equipment. You can even use points to choose from thousands of gifts for clients, partners or employees. You can donate your rewards to a charity organization, or even use them for yourself.

American Express credit cards are a great option for both personal and business customers. You can view all cards on their website and compare the different benefits of each one. If you need to speak to a representative, you can call the toll free customer service hotline and ask any questions you may have. The knowledgeable representatives at American Express can help you choose the right card for your needs and even take your application over the phone.