Chase Platinum Credit Card

Shopping for the right credit card takes time and dedication, and there are plenty of different types of credit cards that people can choose from. Each credit card will offer different rates, fees, rewards and bonuses to their customers. Most credit card companies have different levels of credit cards that are each designed for certain types of customers. There are gold credit cards, silver credit cards and platinum credit cards. There are also many other different types of credit cards that credit card companies offer. However, banks also offer credit cards, and the Chase platinum credit card is one of the most popular.

Chase platinum credit cards are offered to customers with the Visa or Master Card logo. However, Chase has totally revamped their entire line of credit cards that they offer their customers. Those who are still carrying the Chase platinum credit card will take advantage of the benefits that this type of credit card has to offer. For example, new Chase platinum credit card holders will have an introductory rate on their credit card of 0%. Zero interest on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months is a huge advantage to the credit card holder. In fact, these benefits allow customers to pay off their debt in a short period of time.

Platinum credit cards are typically designed for those who have an excellent credit rating. Since only individuals with excellent credit carry platinum credit cards, they will receive additional benefits like no annual fees. Most credit cards have annual fees, especially for those who have a less than excellent credit rating. Platinum credit cards also have rewards on certain types of purchases as well. Chase platinum credit cards offer 24/7 live customer assistance in case the customer wants to make changes to their account or report a lost or stolen credit card.

Platinum credit cards usually have a fixed interest rate as well. Those who have an excellent credit score will qualify for low fixed interest credit cards like the Chase platinum credit card. Chase platinum credit cards were the most popular type of platinum credit card that Chase customers enjoyed using. However, Chase no longer offers traditional platinum credit cards. Instead, Chase has a new line of credit cards like the Chase freedom credit card, the Chase slate card, the Chase Sapphire credit card and the Chase Ink business credit card. The only platinum card available by Chase is the Equiline Platinum Visa Card.

The Chase Equiline Platinum Visa Card is a type of credit card that allows a homeowner access to their equity. This credit card is basically a home equity line of credit for homeowners who have HELOC loans. The homeowner has access to their equity anywhere in the world by using ATM machines. There are no added fees or expenses with this type of credit card and the rates on this credit card are typically lower than other types of credit cards. The reason why the interest rates are low deals with the fact that home equity line of credit loans are always known to have a lower interest rate than traditional loans or credit cards.

Even though the traditional Chase platinum credit card is no longer available, there are plenty of options that Chase provides with their new line of credit cards. All new Chase credit cards offer reward programs like cash back and no annual fees. Some offer 0% introductory rates while other credit cards offer redeemable points for traveling, purchases and cash back. Chase is one of the biggest financial organizations in the country. The new line of credit cards offer just as many rewards as the Chase platinum credit card does.