Chase Visa Credit Cards

Chase is, without doubt, one of the biggest names in the credit card industry. They offer a huge range of credit cards to consumers which include programs such as rewards, cash back or points earned. Their credit cards typically come with no annual fees and a 0% introductory APR which allows for interest free purchases for a period of 6 to 12 months.

Chase also offer their Visa credit card for students which include features such as share points that are able to be used to support a favorite cause or even to give to friends and also Karma points that can be earned with Facebook. The rewards on their student credit cards include points that can be redeemed for electronics, movies, music and so much more.

Chase Visa credit cards are available to small business owners and these are known as INK label cards. The INK card provides extremely flexible spending options and will typically have no caps or expirations, although the card balance must be repaid in full on a monthly basis. INK and INK Plus allow business owners to earn points which can be redeemed for merchandise, travel, cash or gift cards and they also offer liability protection in case a card is lost or stolen.

As mentioned, the majority of Chase Visa credit cards will come without an annual fee, and this is something that consumers should consider when shopping around. Chase, in fact, did not have any annual fees on any of their credit cards previously, although the new consumer credit laws that took effect in 2010 revived annual fees on some of their credit accounts.

The Chase Visa credit card is ideal for balance transfers as they offer a 0% introductory APR for a specified period of time. This will allow consumers to transfer their other high balance credit cards to a Chase Visa credit card and pay these off without any interest charges. However, it is important to note that these cards will eventually return to charging interest, and therefore it is advisable to check what this interest rate is likely to be.

When consumers initially apply for a Chase Visa credit card there will be three separate interest rates listed, and a person’s credit rating will determine which one of these their account will be charged with. Customers who qualify for Elite or Premium pricing will receive a 0% interest rate for a full 12 billing cycles. Elite will always offer the lowest interest rate, although this is only available to consumers with the best credit rating.

It is still possible for a consumer to qualify for a Chase Visa if they have a less than stellar credit rating, however, these cards will be marked with “Standard Pricing”. The good news for credit card users is that the new government regulations have applied certain limits to the practice of increasing APRs on an existing credit account, and therefore customers will only be charged a fee if they are late making a payment, exceed their credit limit, a payment is returned unpaid, or if any of these three actions are made on another account or with a related company.

Chase have come up with an innovative set of tools to help people better manage their debt, and this is known as Blueprint. Blueprint is a system that is intended to help people who are carrying a balance of their credit cards. There are four key components which include helping customers to avoid paying interest, paying off larger balances, paying down balances faster, and viewing spending trends. The idea is to help customer better manage their spending, thus allowing them to repay the balances on their credit cards in the fastest and cheapest way possible.

Chase has a Visa credit card for just about every customer and literally any occasion. With a choice of cash back, low introductory rates, balance transfers, gas rewards, miles and points, student credit cards and business credit cards, Chase Visa credit cards offer a huge range of options, which will typically mean that they have a credit card to suit just about every customer. They offer credit cards with no annual fees and some of the most competitive interest rates in the market today. Chase is also recognized as one of the leaders in the credit industry and they are well known throughout the world.