Homeland Security Grants

There are endless resources and funds available to corporations, businesses and the general public when it comes to financial needs. Grants are the most sought after type of funding that people will attempt to be approved for. Grants are programs that are designed to fund a project, whether it is a private sector project or government projects. Grants are typically issued by the government, and in some cases grants are provided by private investors as well. The newest type of grant that is made available today is Homeland Security Grants. Homeland Security Grants are grants provided by the government that can be used for a wide variety of reasons.

Some Homeland Security grants are developed for airport improvement and security, while other grants are for firefighters and law enforcement. These types of grants are available for many different levels of government projects and corporations. Grants are offered to states, local government and even tribal grant programs are available as well. A well known user of Homeland Security grants is FEMA. FEMA is designed to provide programs that help families and individuals in the event of a natural disaster. Readiness programs that are designed to be prepared for unforeseen disasters are also handled by FEMA as well.

There is a list of programs concerning Homeland Security grants that can be found on the DHS website. Programs are offered according to the fiscal year, which programs will change ever year. The assistance to firefighters grant program has $810 million in grant money made available for 2011. The grant allotted for firefighters is broken up into 2 main categories that deal with EMS operations and safety grants. These grants are operated under the FEMA organization that provides plenty of solutions for firefighters across the nation. Firefighter departments can apply for these grants by visiting the FEMA website.

Homeland Security grants also deal with driver’s license security. The 2011 driver’s license security grant program, also known as the DLSGP, has $44,910,000 for the year 2011. The purpose of this fund is to fight terrorism with preventative measures as well as procedures with identification. The money is used to provide new driver’s licenses issued by the state with state of the art technology. Eligible applicants will be those who are involved with state operated agencies like the Department of Motor Vehicles. This type of grant is not designed for the private sector.

Homeland Security grants also provides solutions for freight and railway security. Railroad cars, freight trains and rail road tracks are protected from acts of terrorism or natural disasters that may occur. This includes bridges and other types of infrastructure that deals with the railroad industry. Those who are eligible for this grant will be determined by the DHS. All railroad carriers and track will be qualified to be protected against natural disasters and acts of terrorism. Other types of transportation services like city buses will be protected with Homeland Security grants. The intercity bus security grant program provides $4,999,000 in funds.

These grants also provide solutions for areas considered tribal or territorial government property. These areas will be protected under the emergency management performance grants program with funds up to $329,140,400. These are just a few areas in which Homeland Security grants are being used for. The funds are provided by the government, and the DHS makes the decision with who qualifies for these grants. Government grants do not have to be paid back, but these institutions that use the grants will be required to abide by the rules and regulations of the government. Homeland Security grants are being used across the entire nation for multiple projects and security services.