Pell Grant Eligibility

Getting a higher education is must in today’s world in order to gain a rewarding career. Having a degree will increase someone’s chances of reaching their goals. The number of people who are attending college today is an amount that has never been seen before. More and more people are getting a higher education to compete on a level playing field. Because of the competition, the cost of getting a higher education continues to rise. To afford school, students and parents must utilize financial aid programs like student loans, grants, federal student loans and scholarships. The most well known grant that is provided by the government is called a Pell grant.

Pell grants are grants provided by the government that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the costs that are associated with college. College expenses include tuition fees, books, cost of living and other expenses that add up significantly. In order to qualify for a Pell grant, the student must meet some requirements that are set by the government. First off, students must fill out the necessary application on the FAFSA website before they can apply for a Pell grant. Once the application is finished, the student will be able to apply for grants and other financial aid that will be needed.

The amount in which a student will receive with a Pell grant depends on the student’s income, the parent’s income, the size of the household, and the number of other family members that are attending secondary institutions. Students must be currently attending an undergraduate schedule in college in order to receive a Pell grant. If a student has already obtained a Bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree, they will not be able to qualify for this type of grant. Only students who are attending college to obtain their first degree are eligible.

The only time that someone with a Bachelor’s degree can receive a Pell grant is if they are attending courses for their teacher’s certificate. Students who are getting an education that are in a federal or state prison will not qualify for this grant. Pell grants require the applicant to have a social security number, and they must be a citizen. There are some programs with Pell grants that allow some non-citizens to be eligible for this type of grant. Pell grants also require the applicant to either have their high school diploma or an equivalent document to qualify.

All students who are using Pell grants must demonstrate their progress towards a degree that is recognized by the federal Pell grant. While attending school, the student must also prove they are working towards their degree with a satisfactory grade point average. Those who are ages 18 to 25 must also be signed up with the Selective Service in order to be eligible for the Pell grant as well. If a student has been involved with a drug conviction during the time they are receiving student financial aid, they may be disqualified from being approved for a Pell grant.

The amount in which the student will receive when using a Pell grant will be dictated by the amount of time the student is attending school. Students who are attending full time will receive the full amount of the Pell grant, while students who are attending full time will receive less. Becoming eligible for a Pell grant also consists of the student proving their need for assistance to earn their degree. This means that the student’s income plays a key role with their eligibility. Applying for a Pell grant is made easy by going online and filling out the necessary information on the FAFSA website.