Scholarships for Undocumented Students

Education is extremely important, whether you’re a citizen or an undocumented student. Undocumented students will find it more difficult to receive the financial aid needed to get a higher education. Luckily, there are some scholarships for undocumented students to provide a solution for students who are not a citizen. Undocumented students, or those who are undocumented simply means that they are an illegal alien. Students who have no documentation are still able to receive a college education through the use of scholarships for undocumented students. For the most part, scholarships and other financial aid for a college education are only available to students who are legal citizens or hold a green card.

However, certain states have programs that are specifically designed to help undocumented students to achieve a degree. States that provide scholarships for undocumented students make financial aid for an education available in that particular state. Undocumented students can also use other types of scholarships that are provided by private sources. Private scholarships for undocumented student’s help students cover the gaps in which some state scholarships fail to cover. In other words, if an undocumented student needs to subsidize their current state scholarship, they have the option to seek out private scholarships for undocumented students.

The current state and federal regulations or laws make this topic extremely confusing. While the federal ruling on this subject states that scholarships for undocumented students are not to be allowed, certain states have passed their own legislation to allow scholarships of undocumented students. There are many states, in fact, that have made it possible for undocumented individuals to receive a higher education. State laws concerning this subject basically circumvent the federal laws by using loopholes found within the federal legislation. For example, California requires undocumented students to simply fill out an affidavit that states the student is currently doing the necessary paper work to become documented.

Undocumented students only need to fill the affidavit out stating they are applying for citizenship. The actually paperwork that is being processed for citizenship does not need to be presented to qualify for a scholarship for undocumented students. Another qualifying factor for this type of scholarship is the fact that the student must have a high school degree. Students are able to receive a high school degree regardless if there are documented or not. If a student can receive their high school diploma if they are undocumented, why can’t they receive a college education?

The loop holes found in federal legislation that regard scholarships for undocumented students actually allows illegal aliens to receive their higher education. So not only do undocumented students have a chance to graduate high school, the undocumented students also have the option to attend college if they wish to do so. Today’s requirements for success dictate that a higher education is needed in order to compete with other college graduates. Competition continues to grow as more and more people are getting a college degree to meet the demands of a highly competitive work environment.

Undocumented students can apply for a scholarship specifically designed for their needs by going online. There are plenty of private scholarships and state scholarships made available to undocumented students. Students are advised to research which states allow scholarships for undocumented students as well as information on private scholarships. The American dream isn’t only for citizens. An undocumented student can go for the American dream as well by getting a higher education. In the end, the student will eventually become a citizen and contribute to society just as much as a legal citizen. Scholarships are a necessity with rising college expenses regardless if the student is documented or not.