Shell Credit Cards

Credit cards are used for a number of different types of purchases and other financial needs. There are credit cards that are developed to be used for a specific company, like Shell credit cards. Shell credit cards provide plenty of benefits to their customers. For example, the drive for five programs will offer customers the chance to earn 5 cents for every gallon of gas purchases at Shell. However, the customer must purchase a minimum of 45 gallons of gas each month in order to receive 5 cents for every gallon. This program has a maximum of 100 gallons a month in which the customer can receive 5 cents for every gallon.

The drive for five programs also allows the customer to apply for additional credit cards for family members. In other words, family members can use the credit card that will provide discounts for the main account holder. This credit card can be used to purchase gas, services, food and other products from Shell gas stations. Recent studies should that around 80 percent of Americans actually live within 5 miles of a Shell station, making using this card extremely convenient. Another type of Shell credit card is the Shell platinum MasterCard.

The Shell platinum MasterCard can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted, as well as Shell stations. Citibank is pairing up with Shell to provide a new Shell platinum MasterCard. To get more information about this credit card, visit the Shell website. Another type of Shell credit card is the fleet card. The Shell fleet credit card is designed for businesses that employ a fleet of vehicles that are used for a wide variety of transportation needs. Trucking companies will use the Shell fleet credit card to manage their overall monthly expenses that are accrued by a number of trucking employees.

Owning a Shell credit card provides plenty of advantages. Shell not only sells petroleum, they also sell merchandise that can be purchases in the store, or online. In fact, there is a network of merchandisers that sell a wide variety of products online. For example, the A.K. Rose Incorporated is a network that sells products online and in Shell stations. Purchasing products from this network will also provide opportunities for the Shell credit account holder to earn rewards. Another network that products can be purchased from is the Metromarketing Services network. Rewards and discounts are also offered with this network.

Using a Shell credit card makes purchasing petroleum easier, and Shell customers will be able to keep track of their monthly expenses on gas and other shell products. Applying for a Shell credit card is easy by going online and filling out the application. Shell provides two different ways to make payments on their credit cards. Customers can pay their balance off in full, or make monthly payments. Shell credit cards provide $0 liability on the account holder for purchases that are unauthorized by the account holder. Shell credit card customers have complete access online to review their balance and make payments.

The drive for five credit card program is issued by Citi, which is known to cover the account holder against identity theft. Shell credit cards can be used at ATMs and customers have the option to obtain cash advances on their balance. However, there are fees when using the drive for five card program for cash advances. The fleet credit card by Shell has no annual fee, and no minimum purchase is required. Fleet managers are able to keep track of their expenses without using time consuming reports to file. There are plenty of solutions with Shell credit cards that people take advantage of every day.