Visa Debit Card

People are often denied credit cards because they have a bad credit status. The banks aren’t especially fond of people who ‘might not’ be able to pay debts. Credit cards, in a way, work like debts. That’s why, in order to get a credit card, a person must have a clean credit history and good present financial status. Not all people have that. What now? What if you don’t have the required credit score to get a credit card? This is where Visa debit cards come in handy. A debit card or a prepaid credit card is a lot easier to obtain. It works similarly, and can be used to complete transactions, purchases and payments.

There are different debit card providers. What makes the Visa debit card so special? For one, Visa is a worldwide recognized brand. Having a Visa card means the holder will be able to transact with your money wherever you go around the world. Nearly all countries have banks that support Visa automated transactions, so it’s hassle free. With a Visa debit card, all transactions are made directly through the person’s bank account. To shed more light on this, the following is a list of its essential features.

Purchases and transactions
The most indispensable feature of the Visa debit card is that it could be used almost as a universal method of payment. Anywhere, anytime, the person need only to swipe the card and the transaction can be completed. It’s also possible to withdraw the money from the bank account, changing it to cash. The Visa debit card is especially convenient for paying for groceries, restaurant bills, and department store purchases. It can even be used to pay house bills, such as internet, electricity, and so forth. Additionally, it’s possible to make a purchase using only the phone and the debit card.

Secured transactions
Perhaps the most compelling part of the Visa debit card is the security offered. Visa debit card gives people a secure gateway for all kinds of transactions, be it online or offline. Banks keep tabs on debit accounts 24/7. The Visa debit card itself comes with a zero liability program, which protects the customer from card frauds. With it, the card holder is protected from all kinds of unauthorized use of their debit card.

Monthly statements
Very similar to credit cards, Visa debit card holders can opt to receive monthly statements of their transactions. The statements are useful for checking or reviewing past transactions, and a big help for finding unauthorized use of the card. It helps greatly for identifying frauds and keeping one’s bank account safe. The monthly statements are either mailed to the holder or accessed online.

Excellent customer service
Visa gives its card holders 24/7 customer assistance. If the holder has concerns regarding the bank account or the debit card, there are countless customer support crews ready to help. Because of this, stolen or lost debit cards could be reported quickly. Loss of funds because of theft can be avoided.

Extra perks
What’s more interesting about the Visa debit card is that it can be used online. It can be enrolled into online payment gateways in only minutes. The holders of Visa debit cards can also accumulate points that they can later convert to funds, and use for purchases. A point is given every time the card holder spends from his visa debit card. In addition, the points can be redeemed through online Visa extra facilities. Redeeming points qualify the holder for certain rewards and bonuses. Bonuses may be in the form of electronic items, bookings in hotels or restaurants, or travel funds. Who knows what else?

Getting a Visa debit card
Obtaining the debit card is fairly easy. There’s no need to have overly impressive credit scores or financial background to qualify for it. Practically anyone with an ID can go to his bank, given that the bank has Visa options. Creating a Visa debit card account is as easy as filling out a savings account form, and requires no more effort from the person applying for it. Finding a bank that offers Visa debit cards is even easier. People can access more information about which banks in their area offers this functionality by visiting the official Visa’s website.