Walmart Credit Cards

As our society progresses, people use cash less and less. In fact, it is rare to see someone pay for cash when making a purchase, especially a large purchase. People today often shop with credit cards, debit cards, and other types of plastic money systems. Speculators say that some time in the future societies will be cashless societies. More and more companies are offering alternative methods to paying for items like debit cards that can be refilled and credit cards. In fact, one of the biggest well known companies, such as Walmart, is now providing credit cards for their customers.

There are two main types of Walmart credit cards that customer will have to choose from. One credit card is a Discover card with the Discover symbol on the card, while the other card is simply a Walmart credit card. Both provide advantages and both have similarities with only a few minor differences. While the Discover Walmart credit card offers up to 1% back on all purchase, the traditional Walmart card does not. The Discover Walmart card is accepted anywhere that accepts the Discover card, while the traditional credit card can only be used at Walmart.

Both the Discover Walmart credit card and the traditional Walmart credit card provide no annual fees. They both also provide cash advance when a customer uses the card for a purchase. This means the customer can use a cash advance and receive money back at the time they make a purchase. Another benefit that these Walmart credit cards provide their customers is a $0 fraud liability program. Applying for a credit card by Walmart is made easy by visiting the website. Filling out an application for a credit card only takes a few minutes. Most approvals are received within 30 seconds.

People who do a lot of shopping at Walmart on consistently are advised to apply for a credit card because of the amount of money they will save when using the Walmart credit card. Customers can also receive up to $100 back within a day when making purchases. The interest rate associated with the Walmart credit card is currently around 22% for both types of credit cards. The interest rate will vary because the interest rate is based on the prime rates and market rates as well. When a customer uses the credit card to receive cash back, they will pay a higher interest rate.

In other words, cash advances have a higher interest rate than purchases made with the Walmart credit card. Customers have the option to avoid paying interest on this credit card by paying the balance off before the end of the billing cycle. The Discover Walmart credit card provides balance transfers at around 3%, while the traditional Walmart credit card does not provide a balance transfer program. Cash advances with this credit card also impose a 3% fee on the customer. All foreign transactions made with this credit card requires a 3% transaction fee as well. The only penalty fees these credit cards have is the late payment fee of up to $35.

Another key feature with a Walmart credit card is the ability to track purchases, balances, and other information pertaining to the credit card online. Walmart provides complete account manageability for the customer, which is a huge benefit for those wanting to track their spending habits or make changes to their payments. Payments can be made online, and payments can also be set up automatically. Walmart customers use the Walmart credit card to receive money back while shopping and there are plenty of benefits that customers can take advantage of with this credit card.